You just landed on Ekansh's horror house!

This probably means that you're connected to ghosts in some way. The more you will read this text, the more you will waste your time, so you may better take a look at other sections. You maybe be thinking that why I wrote such rubbish sentences here, if that's the case then you did'nt read my nutshell description. What!? You're still here reading this garbage, you're such a jobless peep, lurking on internet for free money.

Things I Can Do

get ready for some blah descriptions from now on

  • Mess with existing bug-free code
  • Throw stones on my PC's screen
  • Reading without getting bored
  • Do homeworks while submission
  • Type like lightning bolt
  • Troll people on Internet

A Few Accomplishments

blah blah blah

Possibly broke spacetime

blah blah blah

Contact Me

I travel like nomad on Internet, but you can still get in touch with me with following contact information.

  • Discord Tag : Ekansh kashyap#7076
  • SoloLearn ID : 3401170
  • GitHub username : Ekansh-kashyap